And You Shall Know Thy Toy Lightsabers!

It’s hard to imagine better relief from a sweaty Tuesday afternoon than a surprise visit from Brian Stillman. OK not exactly a visit per se, but this new teaser/featurette from the NYC-based director is a close second.

If you didn’t grow up in the 1970’s, then the subject matter of toy lightsabers both licensed and unlicensed may seem slightly esoteric. What’s fascinates is that Stillman manages to put heart and humor before lightsaber throughout the clip. So whether or not you swatted your friends with these toys decades ago is fairly beside the point. You simply can’t help but adore the delivery. Andy Rooney you are gone but surely not forgotten.

It’s also worth noting that this clip is the most fully realized glimpse into what will likely be the style of Stillman’s upcoming Plastic Galaxy, a feature-length documentary about the emergence of the original Kenner Star Wars toys in 1978 and the mayhem they’ve left in their trail. If this turns out to be true then Star Wars fans of any stripe have much to celebrate.

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Plastic Galaxy Presents: Know Your Toy Lightsaber from Plastic Galaxy on Vimeo.