Happy Birthday Lego!
Still Building Awesome at 80

To most people on the planet Legos are a fact of life. It’s been going on for generations now: kids begin sticking the insidious plastic blocks together before they’re potty trained and adults inadvertently step on their sharp edges at night only to discover the true meaning of pain. Few among them stop to think that a world might exist where Legos simply never existed.

Well today it’s now officially the 80th birthday of Legos and the good people of Legonia would like to remind us that their remarkable toys that we take for granted didn’t occur by accident. There’s actually a fascinating story to be told, revealed in its entirety in 17 minutes of this heart-felt animation.

But c’mon, Lego became what it is by making toys, not videos. Now personally, I’ve always been more of a free-form builder (much like the little girl on the cover photo). But there’s no denying Lego has put out some brilliant sets over the years. Let’s take a look at some examples we’ve seen along the way.